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Commercial Surveying and Property Management

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Now Chartered Surveyors are able to provide an tailored property portfolio management service. As an owner of a commercial property, general estate management issues and obligations can cause stress and inconvenience. We can manage all property related issues, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Landlord and Tenant

As a landlord or tenant it is essential that you are aware of your obligations under the terms of your lease and ever changing legislation. Now Chartered Surveyors enable you to ensure that new or existing contracts fulfil and continue to fulfil your commercial interests by advising on issues such as rent reviews, lease renewals and other estate management issues including your repairing obligations.  We offer a 'no win no fee' consultation service, which means we will act on your behalf and negotiate a rent review up or down depending on whether you are a tenant or landlord. The only fee we charge is a percentage of your gain for the first year of the lease term.

We hold a large database of market rental information which means that we are able to confirm what the most likely rentals will be on all types of commercial property in all locations and our fees are usually calculated on the basis of 25% of any increase gained if you are a landlord, or of any reduction negotiated if you are a tenant.


We are able to provide advice to both landlords and tenants to give accurate assessments of the liability, prepare detailed schedules of dilapidations for landlords and check and defend them on behalf of tenants on all sizes of claims.

This service is often of considerable financial value to our clients. Our Chartered Building Surveyors are fully up-to-date with all recent changes in this complicated area of the law and we believe our dilapidations advice is the highest quality available.

Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which became effective from 1 October 2006, requires that commercial properties, including the communal areas of blocks of residential flats and houses in multiple occupation (HMO’s), do away with conventional Fire Certificates and replace with up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment.

Our fully trained team can provide full Fire Risk Assessments on all types of property.

Employers, managing agents, etc. now have responsibility for fire safety within their workplace or the building for which they are responsible for. If you are:

  1. An employer
  2. Self-employed with business premises
  3. Responsible for business premises (including the common areas of flats/HMO’s)
  4. A charity or voluntary organisation
  5. A contractor with a degree of control over any premises

then this law will affect you.  We aim to take away the risk and time commitment of producing a Fire Risk Assessment in-house and offer a quality, professional service which provides excellent value for money.

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