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Energy Performance Certificates

Energy efficiency concept

Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

Domestic EPCs are required when a home is bought, rented or sold and are valid for 10 years.  You should have an EPC produced before you start marketing your home.  They measure the energy efficiency of your home on a scale from A to G, and compare it to estimated potential figures that your home could achieve if energy saving measures were implemented.  A domestic Energy Performance Certificate will come with a detailed report which will suggest improvements that could be made to the energy efficiency of your home, how much this could save you per year and how these recommendations would change the rating of your home.  You are under no obligation to act on any of the recommendations in the report.

Now Chartered Surveyors have been producing Energy Performance certificates since their introduction and have a team of accredited energy assessors who are used to working to quick turnaround times.  We are proud of our reputation in the field for quality, reliability and excellent value for money.

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Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

We have a team of experienced accredited energy assessors and are able to produce competitively priced Commercial EPCs promptly, reliably and professionally.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates indicate how energy efficient a building is. An accredited energy assessor will inspect the building and note how it is constructed, insulated, how it is heated, ventilated and lit, what different area of the building are used for, and the type of fuel it uses.   They will then produce an EPC which will rate the building’s efficiency from A to G.  Recommendations on how the rating may be improved will accompany the EPC.

A commercial EPC is required when a commercial building is sold, let or constructed, and in some cases may also be required following refurbishment. When selling or letting, the owner or landlord is responsible for providing an EPC to any prospective buyer or tenant. When constructing new buildings, or carrying out certain types of refurbishment or modification work, it is the person responsible for construction - usually the builder - who must provide an EPC.  EPCs are not required for:

  • lease renewals or extensions
  • compulsory purchase orders
  • sales of shares in a company where buildings remain in company ownership
  • lease surrenders
  • temporary buildings with a planned time of use less than two years
  • standalone buildings with a total useful floor area of less than 50 metres squared that are  not dwellings
  • industrial sites, workshops and non-residential agricultural buildings with low energy demand

Commercial EPCs are valid for up to ten years but cannot be amended. If you have made improvements to a building's energy efficiency and want an EPC to reflect this, you will have to commission a new one.

Display Energy Certificates (DECS)

A DEC is required for buildings with a total useful floor area over 1,000m2 that are occupied in whole or part by public authorities.   The assessor will look at the construction of the building, as with an EPC, but will also look at the total annual energy consumption for that building.   In A DEC is valid for one year and must be updated annually.

Our accredited energy assessors are CRB checked and have produced Display Energy Certificates for a range of public buildings and have particular expertise in inspecting schools.

How much will it cost?

Costs for Commercial EPCs and DECs vary according to the size, complexity and layout of the building and the information available about it. Generally, the more information that you can provide the less the cost of the EPC/DEC is likely to be.

To evaluate a building for assessment the following information is required:

  • floor plans in digital /CAD format*
  • all elevations and roof plans
  • details of the building’s construction, including all fabric U values
  • efficiency details for all the building services elements, including lighting systems
  • “base build” information only is required including details of the tenants’ fitting out contracts

* NB. If floor plans are not available we can produce them from undertaking a measured survey of the building.

We always aim to price competitively – call us on 0345 050 0022tap the button below or send us an email.

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